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Hi, my name is Quarky !

Reflections on Matter
or amusing ourselves with particle physics

D'you dare to click on an atom?

Invited people round this evening and want to show off?
Become an atomic physicist in 10 lessons...

Everything you ever wanted to know about quarks but were afraid to ask...

With, as principle players:

The 6 colourful quarks, the luminous photon, the terribly discrete neutrinos, the giant boson Z° and the mysterious Higgs boson... The four universal forces join them.

They'll tell of the fantastic history of the atom...
You'll journey close to the boundaries of the infinitesimally small...
You'll maybe even lose your reason in the 4th quantum dimension...

And as a bonus, full of cyber addresses for continuing your quest when you've caught the nanometer bug...

All that on your screens thanks to those cathodic electrons...

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